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(Photo courtesy of Four Paw Photography)

 Registered name:




Dog's date of birth/adoption: 


Handler name: 

Ryan Cabell 

Member since (per dog): 

April 2010 

Handler occupation: 

Systems Engineer 



Dog's fastest time: 


NAFA points / Flyball titles: 

10,949 = FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX 

Jump height: 


How did you and your dog meet? 

We had decided to get a dog a few months after we were married. Ryan grew up with collies, while Brenda always had goldens /labs, so we didn't know what kind of dog we wanted!  We (somewhat randomly) picked out a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever from the Boulder humane society webpage and went in only to find it had already found a home.  So we wandered around not knowing quite what we were looking for when we stumbled upon a 4 month old puppy and we knew she was the one. 

How did you learn about Flyball? and/or 

Why did you start playing Flyball? 

After Haley's housemate, Finn, did so well at flyball, we signed Haley up for a class. 

 Favorite Reward:

Greenies!  Sometimes cheese or hot dogs, sometimes a pull toy. 

 Other Activities:


Fun Fact(s): 

Haley has a wonderful personality and has been a great dog for us, as well as an excellent "big sister" for Finn. She has climbed Mt. Sherman (a 14er) with us, and is always looking for the next exciting adventure. She has many nick-names around the house.  Her "real"name is "Haley Jalepeño", so we often call her "Haley J" or "J-J".

#1 Kooikerhondje in NAFA Flyball